Nottingham, United Kingdom

Creative Quarter Nottingham Tour

Creative Quarter Nottingham Tour

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10 tour stops



Welcome to the Nottingham Creative Quarter Tour

1 min

Lace Market Square

In the heart of Nottingham's Creative Quarter, look for living symbols of lace

8 min

Nottingham Contemporary

Contemporary art gallery architecture inspired by Nottingham's past

7 min

Galleries of Justice & St Mary's Church

Secret tunnels, ghost tours, and grizzly tales

7 min

The Corner, Old Angel Inn, Stoney Street

Industrial revolution to rock bands: layers of history in a corner of Nottingham

5 min

Sneinton Market Square

Brick bananas? Look for symbols of old Nottingham in thriving new market square

7 min

Broadway Media Centre

From chapel to Tarantino: the many lives of Broadway Media Centre

4 min

The National Videogame Arcade

Game City: Charles Dickens, video games and a hive of creativity

3 min

Cobden Chambers

Lace, Lord Byron, JM Barrie and the original Never Never Land?

4 min

Thank you to supporters and contributors

Thanks and Acknowledgements

1 min


How much do you know about Nottingham? Prepare for surprises as you join Nottinghamshire-born actor Dorothy Atkinson on a walking tour through one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, meeting many of the people who make it a special place.

In the ancient heart of Nottingham, the city’s great industrial past is inspiring creative new thinking in both culture and commerce. Symbols and stories of lace are threaded through art and architecture, colleges, cafes and shopping centres.

Here you find cutting edge technology alongside museums. Video games and new media mingle with literary greats of the past and music of the here and now. There’s room for heritage and the avant garde in Sneinton Market and the Lace Market is home to one of the UK’s largest contemporary art galleries.

Welcome to the Nottingham Creative Quarter Audio Tour brought to you by the Creative Quarter Company in association with Walking Heads Streetwise Audio Tours. We look forward to exploring with you!

Itinerary 2.4 km / 1:15

Offline map included

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