London, United Kingdom

London's Finest Landmarks

London's Finest Landmarks

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11 tour stops


The Tower of London

Finished in 1100, this was England’s greatest castle & home to kings for centuries.

10 min

All Hallows Church

Founded in 675, this is London’s oldest church.

3 min

The History of London & Tower Bridge

Despite invasions & disasters, London’s history is ultimately one of affluence.

9 min

The Monument to the Great Fire of London

Built to commemorate the Great Fire of 1666, this tower offers great views of London.

8 min


This ultra-new building contains many historic artifacts, including the Lutine Bell.

7 min

Leadenhall Market

Originally a commodities market, Leadenhall is now home to various fashionable shops.

3 min

The Royal Exchange, the Bank, and Mansion House

Perhaps the heart of London, this intersection is home to many important buildings.

11 min

The Guildhall

For the last 800 years, the Guildhall has been the local government’s headquarters.

5 min

The Goldsmiths’ Hall

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths was founded to regulate the goldsmith trade.

5 min

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This has been the site of a cathedral dedicated to Saint Paul since the 7th century.

6 min

Tate Modern & the Globe Theatre

Once a power station, the Tate Modern hosts vast exhibits at the former turbine hall.

5 min


Ancient and historic and yet modern and thrusting, the City of London is quite unique. This tour which starts at the Tower of London and takes about four to five hours, will tell the story of some of the City’s most famous landmarks as well as giving you an insight into this remarkable part of London.

After visiting All Hallows, the City’s oldest church, we show you the Monument to the Great Fire of London and reveal how the City was transformed by this terrible event. We’ll then bring you bang up to date with the modern Lloyd’s building, then to the heart of the financial district. There we’ll tell you why the Bank of England has so few windows and who founded the Royal Exchange.

We’ll then move on to the famous Guildhall and tell you about the ancient Livery Companies at the Goldsmith’s Hall. You will discover St Paul’s and the great deception that lies behind it. Finally we take you to the famous Tate Modern art gallery and explain why the Globe Theatre is where it is.

Itinerary 5.2 km / 4:30

Offline map included

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