Glasgow, United Kingdom

Memorable Medical Sites of Glasgow

Memorable Medical Sites of Glasgow

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12 tour stops



Introduction to Heritage Trail

49 s

Glasgow's Beginnings

A Founder's Story

2 min

David Livingstone: Hero or White Saviour Complex?

Reframing the story of David Livingstone

2 min

Glasgow Royal Infirmary: Home of Antisepsis

The GRI and the Discovery of Antisepsis by Joseph Lister

2 min

Call the Midwife..?

Rottenrow, the site of the Glasgow Royal Maternity Hospital

2 min

The First Meeting Place

Blackfriars Kirk

2 min

Body Snatching to Learn Anatomy

Ramshorn Cemetery and Grave Robbing

2 min

Police Surgery- the Start of Something New

William Macewen and his work as a Police Surgeon

2 min

Travels to the Tron

The College's First Building to Call Its' Own

1 min

St Enoch Square

The College's Next Move

1 min

A Place to Call Home

The College's Current Building

4 min

Farewell for Now

End of the Tour

30 s


The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow brings you a medical heritage trail through the city centre of Glasgow. From its foundation in 1599 to the present day, members of the College have worked to better the practice of medicine and surgery in Glasgow and the West of Scotland, leaving their imprint on the city along the way.

Itinerary 2.9 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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