Lviv, Ukraine

The Ancient City of Lviv

The Ancient City of Lviv

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48 tour stops


The Bandinelli Palace

This late Renaissance building is today a part of the Lviv Historical Museum.

3 min

The Black Stone House

Built in 1577, this building was once home to one of the first pharmacists in Lviv.

3 min

The House of Sofia Ganel

This was the house of Sofia Ganel, the founder of the school for poor girls in Lviv.

1 min

The Royal Mansion

Built in 1580, the palace later became the residence of the king Ian III Sobiesky.

4 min

The Archbishop’s Palace

Also known as the place where polish king Michal Korybut Wisniowiecki died in 1673.

1 min

Lubomirski Palace

Built in the 18th century baroque style, the palace served as the governor's mansion.

2 min

The Venetian House

In the basement of this house you can find a very attractive restaurant "Kryivka".

2 min

Rynok square and the Town Hall Tower

Built in 1835, this 64 meters high tower is part of Lviv Town Hall.

5 min

The Archcathedral Basilica

This Roman-Catholic cathedral is the only preserved gothic building of the city.

9 min

The Chapel of Boim family

This beautifully decorated family mausoleum is today part of the Lviv Art Gallery.

5 min

Scholz-Wolf House

This house belonged to one of the richest merchant families of Lviv.

2 min

The Doctor’s house

This 17th century house presents various architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque.

4 min

Andreolli passage

Here used to stand two houses owned by some of the most respected men in Lviv.

3 min

Mrs. Abrekova House

Built in the 16th century, Mrs. Abrekova House is a symbol of Lviv culture.

2 min

Atlas Coffehouse

Also called "Under the deer", Atlas is one of the most popular coffehouses in Lviv.

2 min

The Drug-store museum

The drug-museum presents 2000 exhibits featuring pharmaceutical devices and books.

5 min

The Dominican Church

This is a fine example of Baroque architecture in Lviv.

4 min

Nikifor Drovniak Monument

Nikifor Drovniak is a 20th century exponent of Naïve art.

1 min

Ivan Fedorov Monument

Ivan Federov is an imporant figure in the history of printing.

2 min

The Royal Arsenal

The building was used for storing weapons and functioned until 1768.

2 min

The Gunpowder Tower

This architectural monument was used for keeping gunpowder deposits during wartime.

1 min

The Dormition or Assumption Church

This 15th century church belonged to one of the most reputable fraternities in Lviv.

5 min

The building of the insurance company "Dniester"

The facade of this building presents a conjunction of modern art and folk ornaments.

1 min

The Church of St. Archangel Michael

One of the walls of this church features the seal of the Carmelite Order.

1 min

The City Arsenal

Today a museum of weapons, the arsenal served as a prison and a place of torture.

6 min

Lychakiv suburbs and the Church of Klaris Sisters

This is most versatile area of the city, mostly known for its gardens and wineyards.

3 min

The Bernardine Monastery

Until now, only the eastern wall of the fortification has been preserved.

1 min

The Well of St. Jan of Duklia

This well was built on the grave of a 15th century grave of a Bernadine monk.

1 min

Bernardine Church. Present day church of St Andrew

The facade of the church is crowned with figures of the Bernadine order saints.

4 min

Galytska Square

The center of the square features the statue of the city founder Daniel of Galicia.

4 min

George Hotel

This impressive hotel opened its doors to many famous figures along history.

4 min

Adam Mitskevych monument and square

The column is dedicated to a famous Polish poet, Adam Mitskevych.

3 min

The House of the Books

How a seven floors house legally became a four floors one!

4 min

Taras Shevchenko Monument

The poet Taras Shevchenko is a symbol of struggle for the independence of Ukraine.

2 min

Jesuit Church of Sts. Peter and Paul

The Jesuit church presents fine architectural ornaments in the Baroque style.

2 min

The Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is believed to be the birth place of the writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

2 min

The Museum of Ethnography and Crafts

Founded in 1951, the museum holds over 72 thousand sights of ukrainian culture.

2 min

Restaurant “The King’s cup”

This building resembling a medieval wall, houses a restaurant called "The King's Cup"

44 s

Lviv Opera Theatre

Built in 1900, Lviv Opera Theatre is one of the city's most impressive landmarks.

6 min

National Ukrainian Academic Drama Theatre

Built in 1833, the Theatre building is the most expensive building in Lviv.

2 min

The Lower Castle

On the site of the Lower Castle, nowadays stands the souvenirs market Vernisage.

3 min

The People’s House - 22 Teatralna St.

This is the site where the proclamation of West-Ukrainian Republic took place.

42 s

The Church of Transfiguration

Built in the 17th century, today the church belongs to the greek-catholic commnity.

1 min

The complex of the Armenian Cathedral

The Armenian Cathedral is one of the most original architectural monuments in Lviv.

5 min

The yard of the Armenian Cathedral

The yard is noticeable for its 700 years old gravestones embodied in the pavement.

2 min

“Kerosene lamp” – a restaurant and a museum

Today a restaurant-museum, this is the place where the Kerosene lamp was invented.

3 min

The House of Four Seasons

This is a prime example of architectural details in the Empire style.

2 min

The Art Gallery “Dzyga”

"Dzyga", or "The Ladder", is the meeting place for various artists in Lviv.

3 min


You can make a fascinating walking tour through the ancient city of Lviv with audio guides visiting places where there are no public or other specialized sightseeing transport. During the tour you will learn about the most prominent objects of the city, events, legends (in total 48 stopping places).
The story is accompanied by pleasant music, pieces of advice concerning the most interesting museums and institutions of the city to visit!

This city throughout its history belonged to many different countries and empires, and for this reason it absorbed various cultures of its inhabitants. Today it is ready to charm every visitor with its beauty. Welcome to one of the nicest cities in the world – welcome to Lviv!

Itinerary 4.2 km / 2:45

Offline map included

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