Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Walks: Central Rattanakosin

Bangkok Walks: Central Rattanakosin

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15 tour stops


Wat Mahan

Thailand's First Public School

6 min

Tiger God Shrine

Rattanakosin's First Chinese Temple

5 min

Sanphasat Gate

The Gateway to Old Siam

4 min

Prince Nara Palace

Bangkok's First Western Theater and Opera House

3 min

Phraeng Phuton

Bangkok's Most Charming Neighborhood

4 min

Monk Accessory Shops

Bangkok's First Shopping District

4 min

Wat Suthat

The Spiritual Heart of Bangkok

7 min

Vishnu Shrine

Shrine for Lord Vishnu in the Old City

3 min

Giant Swing

Bangkok's Most Iconic Landmark

5 min

Kor Tor Mor Square

Try to Say the Longest Place Name in the World

3 min

Brahmin Chapels

The Center of Thai Brahminsim

6 min

BMA City Hall

Home to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

3 min

Democracy Monument

Kilometer Zero in Thailand

5 min

Rajadamnoen Avenue

Bangkok's Royal Passageway

4 min

October 14 Memorial

Remembering the martyrs of Rajadamnoen

4 min


Welcome to the heart of Old Siam. Today, we will guide you through some of Bangkok’s most interesting neighborhoods; places that most visitors to the city will never experience. As many of these sites lie outside the regular tourist circuit, they are often overlooked and, in many cases, terribly neglected. Charming wooden palaces rot and entire neighborhoods are slated for demolition. Through these tours we hope to bring life back to these heritage sites, and preserve them. As His Majesty King Bhumibol has said:

Old places are the fame of the nation, and even a small piece of brick has value that should be preserved.

Just by walking through these neighborhoods you demonstrate the worth of the historical buildings and monuments found within. Visitors like you are needed to revitalize local economies and encourage government officials to protect the heritage of the city. Thank you for taking the time to help us in our effort.

Itinerary 2.9 km / 2:30

Offline map included

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