Florence, Italy

Dante's stroll: the historical Florence with Dante

Dante's stroll: the historical Florence with Dante

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19 tour stops


Dante's house

Piazza san Martino , o via Dante Alighieri, Dante's house

6 min

Torre della Castagna

In via Dante Alighieri, near Dante's house

2 min

Badia and Bargello

Via del Proconsolo, museum of Bargello (in front of Badia)

6 min

Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della Signoria

3 min

Chiesa di Santo Stefano

Chiesa di Santo Stefano, piazza santo stefano left from Por santa Maria

2 min

Amidei's Tower

Torre of the Amidei, Via Por Santa Maria 1

4 min

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio

2 min

Church of SS. Apostoli

Church of SS. Apostoli, Piazza del Limbo

3 min

Gianfigliazzi Palace

Gianfigliazzi Palace, Piazza S. Trinita

3 min

Buondelmonti's Tower

Via delle Terme (corner with chiasso delle misure) tower of the Buondelmonti

4 min

Palagio di Parte Guelfa

Palagio di Parte Guelfa

3 min

Cavalcanti's palace

Palazzo Cavalcanti, Via dei Calzaiuoli crossing via Porta Rossa

3 min

House of Della Bella

Piazza dei Cimatori(crossing between via dei cimatori and via dei cerchi)

4 min

Via dei Cerchi

Via dei Cerchi

3 min

Bocca degli Abbati

Via dei Tavolini, Bocca's house

3 min

Palazzo Cepparello Portinari

Via del Corso 4, Palazzo Cepparello Portinari

4 min

Donati's Tower

Corner with Via s. Elisabetta: Torre dei Donati and house of Argenti ( opposite)

4 min

Visdomini's Tower

Via delle Oche , crossing via del Campanile, Tower of Visdomini

3 min

Piazza del Duomo

Il Battistero, Dante's stone, in Piazza del Duomo

4 min


There are many ways to visit a city, and Florence, owing to its artistic richness, can be visited in many alternative tours.
But surely one of the most interesting ones is represented by a stroll which, following Dante’s steps , lead us to see those religious and civil buildings, those private and public houses which formes his city, that Florence which he so much loved and hated.
What could be more fascinating than strolling in the ancient streets following the steps of its most famous citizen?
The houses, the churches, the streets, the squares where Dante’s life happened are always there, alive and magnificent.
In 19 steps, you will be able to regain literary and historical memories, completed by the poems of Dante himself, extracted from his “Vita Nova”, “The New Life", and his Rhymes, where he celebrated his love for Beatrice, and, metaphorically, for Knowledge, Virtue, and Faith.

Itinerary 2.5 km / 1:04

Offline map included

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