Venice, Italy

GHETT/APP (English)

GHETT/APP (English)

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15 tour stops


The Ghetto

Origins and Development

2 min

A city within the city

The campo di Ghetto Nuovo

53 s

The first synagogue

The Scola grande Tedesca

1 min

The vanished past

Building owned by the Scuola Grande di San Rocco

2 min

A building as a social microcosm

The building next to the bridge from Ghetto Nuovo

2 min

An imposing presence

The Ghetto from the exterior

1 min

After the Ghetto

The opening of the gates

47 s

The nineteenth century transformations

The old sottoportego between the Ghetto Nuovo and the Ghetto Vecchio

1 min

The architecture

The building at the bridge of the Ghetto Vecchio

57 s

The Ghetto Vecchio over time

The houses of the Calle Barucchi passageway and of Scala Matta

53 s

Religion in Ghetto Vecchio

Scola Spagnola and Scola Levantina

2 min

A city rising

The "Camis l'ebreo" staircase

41 s

The Ghetto Vecchio

The gate entrance

1 min

The Ghetto Novissimo

Origin and evolution

1 min

Supplemental Information on the Ghetto

Short Videos based on Visualizing Venice 2016 Summer Workshop Projects



Welcome to GHETT/APP!

The itinerary you are going to explore allows you to learn about the history of the Venetian Ghetto. The contents you will see correspond with the exhibition Venice, the Jews and Europe, organized in conjunction with the Quincentennial year of the Jewish Ghetto. GHETT/APP encourages visitors to experience the features and transformation of the Ghetto over time within the historical physical space of the Jewish neighborhood. There is no preordered path to follow! Wander the space, experience its uniqueness, and get to the heart of the Ghetto, thanks to GHETT/APP.

Our focus is on helping you understand easily urban change over time. For this purpose, we have created a layered augmented reality environment with textual descriptions/audio and instructions at each point of interest. For every stop, read the text and learn how to explore the bonus content. GHETT/APP is edited by Visualizing Venice (Duke University, University of Padua, Università IUAV di Venezia).

Itinerary 976 m / 30 min

Offline map included

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