Meath, Ireland

The Hill of Tara: 'all-you-need' premium tour

The Hill of Tara: 'all-you-need' premium tour

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18 tour stops



Short introduction to our audio tour of Tara

3 min

Why was Tara so important?

Discover why people have been coming to this small hill for thousands of years.

4 min

The chamber burial 'Mound of the Hostages'

A great Bronze Age passage tomb, and the mysterious 'Tara boy'.

5 min

The ceremonial entrance to Tara

The avenue, known as the "banqueting hall", where our procession starts.

5 min

Top of the avenue: the sanctuary found in 1998

This is one of the oldest pagan sanctuaries on Tara, yet it was found only in 1998

4 min

So you want to be High King?

Outside the Fort of the Kings: inauguration ceremonies at Tara

4 min

Tara's main temple: the Fort of the Kings

This is Tara's largest monument, and probably the main sanctuary

4 min

The 'Stone of Destiny' and the Inauguration Mound

This high kings were proclaimed here in powerful rituals.

4 min

Cormac’s House. A home fit for a king?

The kings lodged here, when attending Tara's great seasonal festival.

4 min

Battle of 1798 & Daniel O’Connell at Tara, 1843

Tara is also a mass grave from a 1798 battle, and a powerful Nationalist symbol.

5 min

The lost Ark, Roman Ireland & a Christian shrine

1899: British Israelites seek the Ark of the Covenant at the 'Rath of the Synods',

5 min

St Patrick and the pagans, and a Sheela-na-Gig

At the church: how Patrick's Christian magic defeats the druids. Find a Sheela-na-gig

5 min

Fionn and the Fianna: Tara's golden age

A time of legends, beautiful women and warriors. Military defences circle the hill.

4 min

Tragic legends and tragic women

This hidden, wilder side of the hill is well worth exploring.

4 min

Horses, sacrifices and kings

Horses -- associated with kings since prehistory -- were sacrificed and eaten here.

3 min

What does the word Tara mean?

Suggestions range from an Egyptian princess Tea, to an ancient 'temple'.

3 min

Skreen village, across the valley.

Why this medieval village is Tara's 'blind twin'

5 min

A holy well, and farewell

A lovely way to end your visit is at one of Tara's holy wells.

3 min


This premium audio tour brings Tara to life, and has all you need to explore the area. Hear the prehistoric trumpets sound at Ireland’s ancient capital, as you follow in the footsteps of great high kings and heroes, and visit sacred spaces, burial mounds and a churchyard, to finish at a holy well. Whether you have 20 minutes, or all day, this knowledgeable tour is for you. Expert archaeological and historical consultants helped us to make the tour, and it is packed with stories, music and information, dramatised extracts, and even the sounds of replica Bronze Age instruments.

Itinerary 2:30

Offline map included

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