Glasgow, United Kingdom

SPG Govan Sculpture Trail 2021

SPG Govan Sculpture Trail 2021

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24 tour stops


Floating Head by Richard Groom

Large Sculpture floating in the Canting Basin adjacent to Glasgow Science Centre


Poised Array by Toby Paterson

Large sculpture made of multiple cut out coloured shapes


Untitled: 170 Bollards, Daniel Buren

Ship's bollards painted with Black and White Stripes running alongside Clyde


Rest, Squat and Steady by Alex Allan

Three multi-coloured interactive sculptures installed throughout park


Free Parking by Jack Cheetham

Sculpture of sleeping man inside parked car


The river once ran red by Matthew Barnes

Series of images installed on outdoor wall along Govan Road


Govan Town Hall

Govan Town Hall


The Govan Press Building

Govan Press Building with sculptural reliefs on the exterior


Assembly and Riverside Waymarkers

Assembly by Matt Baker and Waymarkers by Tara Beall


Aitken Memorial Fountain

Aitken Memorial Fountain


Mary Barbour Sculpture by Andrew Brown

Bronze sculpture with a number of female figures


Horse by Esther Gamsu

Life sized papier mache horse mounted on plinth


Sir William Pearce Statue

Statue of Sir William Pearce, between Burleigh Street and Govan Road


Wee Cat, Brechin's Bar

Small cat sculpture on the south wall of Brechin's Bar.


Govan War Memorial

Govan War Memorial


Jordan Hill Cross Replica

Replica of Jordanhill Cross


Folly for the Short Lived by Deniz Uster

Sculpture consisting of a folly and rubble within Govan Old Parish Church


The Govan Stones

The Govan Stones


The Govan Milestone by Helen Denerley

On the corner between Govan Road and Elder Street: also known as "The Cormorants".


K13 Memorial

K13 Memorial


The Launch, George Wyllie

The Launch, a sculpture by George Wylie in Elder Park


The Isabella Elder Memorial

Statue of Isabella Ure Elder in Elder Park, mounted on plinth


Linthouse Portico

Portico structure behind gates in Elder Park


Not Good by Tiago Rodrigues

A sculpture of the word BYE made from house bricks and mortar



SPG invite you to take part their Sculpture Trail celebrating Govan’s rich and varied sculptural heritage. The trail starts at Glasgow Science Centre with the wonderful Floating Head by Richard Groom, created in collaboration with Govan’s shipbuilders for Glasgow's Garden Festival, and a triumph of heritage, engineering and sustainable artwork, and newly restored for Doors Open Day.

You will find works showing the legacy of Govan’s great female philanthropists: Isabella Elder, Dinah Pearce, Jane Cossar and Glasgow’s first female Magistrate, Mary Barbour. This tour takes a look at all sides of Govan’s artistic past, Linthouse Portico's links to John Spreull, the first slave owner in Glasgow, and Govan’s War Memorial that provided work for disabled veterans.

SPG has also sited six contemporary works installed specially for the trail. Works by Alex Allan, Deniz Uster, Jack Cheetham, Tiago Rodriguez, Matt Barnes and Esther Gamsu will be sited in exciting locations in Govan.

Itinerary 4.1 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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