Glasgow City, United Kingdom

Ghost Signs of Glasgow, East End Map

Ghost Signs of Glasgow, East End Map

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7 tour stops


St. Luke’s

Once a church, now a popular live music venue


Small Shoes

A bit of a mystery this one: who were the Small Shoes Co.?



Layers of history are shown here with the remnants of two previous businesses



Maggie McIver was the founder of the famous Barras market and ballroom


Jas D. Galloway Tyre Distributors

Jas D. Galloway Tyre Distributors, Hunter Street


Overdale Pub

Overdale Pub, Duke Street


Alexander's Public School

Spot the



Often described as the city’s ‘historic heart’, the East End is a mixture of iconic buildings, independent shops and of course plenty of ghost signs. From the Barras, which makes organised chaos into a great day out, to the historic quarter boasting the Necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral, to breweries including Wellpark, where Tennent's has been made for centuries, there's certainly no shortage of heritage here!

Ghost Signs of Glasgow was started in 2018 by Glasgow City Heritage Trust. Ghost signs, the fading remains of old painted signs on buildings, provide an invaluable insight into Glasgow’s architectural, social and cultural history. This project unearths the stories behind these old signs and shopfronts across the city and captures them for posterity.

Enjoy exploring!

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Itinerary 1.3 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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