Vézelay, France

Little known Vézelay

Little known Vézelay

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10 tour stops


Place du Champ de Foire or the « Foirail »

In the Middle Ages, pilgrims and market stallholders would gather on this place.

5 min

The Southern Ramparts and Walkway

Museum of modern art and vineyards along the Walkway.

5 min

The Former Hospices

First a hospital and then a hospice, this building is a centre for the arts.

4 min

Place du Grand Puits and maison des Colomb

This well is in fact a cistern. Not one drop of water has been drawn from here!

2 min

The former Church of St-Pierre and Le Pontot

A scene from the movie "La Grande Vadrouille" was filmed here!

4 min

House and gardens of the writer Jules Roy

The house of the writer Jules Roy, a place for inspiration.

4 min

The Cemetery

A number of French writers have made this their final resting place.

1 min

The Morvan from the terrace of the Basilica.

A place of tranquillity, the terrace offers a panoramic view across the Morvan.

4 min

Chapelle Sainte-Croix or « La Cordelle »

The site where the Second Crusade was preached.

4 min

The Northern Ramparts and the Porte Neuve

The Porte Neuve is one of the town’s main entrance gates.

4 min


So you think you know everything there is to know about Vézelay? This mediaeval village, and UNESCO World Heritage site, holds many treasures for you to discover and deepen your knowledge of the village. From scenes from the film La Grande Vadrouille, to ancient alleyways, the cemetery and historic sites, the little-known side of Vézelay will be unveiled! Let's go!

Itinerary 3.7 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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