Quiberon, France

Beg Er Vil and the mystery of hunters-gatherers

Mystery Quest

Beg Er Vil and the mystery of hunters-gatherers

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6 tour stops


Presentation of the site of Beg Er Vil

On the car park

2 min

Way of life and environment

On the path in front of the car park and the site

3 min

Hunting, fishing and gathering

On the car park

3 min

The tools and their uses

On the coastal path along the car park, next to the benches

2 min

The elements of everyday life

On the coastal path along the car park near the benches

2 min

The archaeologist’s job

Next to the very small blockhaus

4 min



My name is Jondal and I lived here 8 000 years ago!

Archaeologists have been excavating the site for the last few years to know how we lived.

I am going to tell you all of this, but I also need you! One of the archaeologists found an object which is essential for our clan. I hope he hasn't already taken it to his lab for analysis... I need you to find it!

At each stage, listen to the audio, I will tell you a lot of things about my life during the Mesolithic period. Then, answer the challenges that I prepared for you... If you answer correctly, I will give you a clue to find the object.

To start, meet me on the car park!

Itinerary 213 m / 45 min

Offline map included

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