Quiberon, France

Beg Er Vil : Prehistory in Quiberon

Beg Er Vil : Prehistory in Quiberon

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6 tour stops


Presentation of the site

On the car park

2 min

The way of life and the environment

On the path in front of the car park and the site

3 min

Hunting, fishing and picking

On the car park

3 min

The tools and their uses

On the coastal path along the car park, next to the benches.

3 min

The elements of everyday life

On the coastal path along the car park near the benches.

3 min

History of excavations

Next to the very small blockhaus

7 min


Discovered in 1970 by a non-professional archaeologist, Gildas Bernier, Beg Er Vil was excavated by Olivier Kayser, for the first time, in the middle of the eighties. Every year since 2012, excavations have taken place, led by a CNRS team, and a University team from Rennes 1, under Gregor Marchand and Catherine Dupont's supervision.

This archaeological site was dated by the radiocarbone between 6 200 and 6 000 BC, during a period of Prehistory called the Mesolithic. At this time, Beg Er Vil was inhabited by a nomadic population of marine pickers and hunters.

Discover on the site what the searches(excavations) tell us of the life in the Mesolithic thanks to audio comments, panoramas of the site in period of searches(excavations) and videos.

Itinerary 169 m / 45 min

Offline map included

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