Paris, France

Death and Mystery in Medieval Paris

Death and Mystery in Medieval Paris

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12 tour stops




35 s


In the Middle Ages, the Conciergerie was then the Royal Palace with its own prison

6 min


At the site of Théatre du Chatelet once stood a wooden fortress

4 min

Tour Saint Jacques

Starting point of the road to Galicia in the footsteps of Saint James the Great

5 min

Nicolas Flamel

The alchemist Nicolas Flamel is one of the most famous figures of the Middle Ages

7 min

Saint Merry Church

The diabolical figure at the top of the church's tympanum is Baphomet of the Templars

5 min

Assassination of Henry IV

It was here that François Ravaillac assassinated Henry IV on May 14, 1610


Cimetière des Innocents

Here stood Holy Innocents' Cemetary, one of the largest burial grounds in Paris.


Les Halles

The market of Les Halles exists since the 12th century.


Tour Jean sans Peur

This tower was built in 1408 by the Duke of Burgundy, John the Fearless.


Rue aux Ours

It was in this street a drunk Swiss mercenary stabbed a statue of the VIrgin Mary.


House of Nicolas Flamel

The house of alchemist Nicolas Flamel is the oldest one in Paris.



Along this journey marked by mysterious and eerie stories, we will discover how death was felt and experienced by the Christians in the Middle Ages. Come travel with me back in time to a tumultuous period where war, famine, pestilence, political crime and the severe hand of justice created an intimate relationship with death that is difficult to conceive today. Important historical places such as the Conciergerie prison, the Grand Châtelet prison, religious or occult buildings, and the former Holy Innocents’ Cemetery shall be revealed during this tour.

Voice by Anna Wu-Chauvineau

Itinerary 1.8 km / 2:30

Offline map included

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