Mazamet, France

Cathar's Museum of Mazamet

Cathar's Museum of Mazamet

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13 tour stops


Room 1-1: Occitania from the 11th to the 13th

Discover the context and the peculiarities of the Occitan medieval society

2 min

Room 1-2: A modern Occitan society

The peculiarities of the Occitan society

2 min

Room 2 - 1: The fear of the year one thousand

The religious context around the year 1000

2 min

Room 2-2: The archangel and the Dragon

The fight of the archangel and the dragon

2 min

Room 2-3 : A new heresy

Appearance of "pre-Cathars" in 11th century

3 min

Room 2-4: The cathars homes in the12th century

Presence of the Cathar homes in 12th century

3 min

Room 3-1: The Occitan Cathar churches

Organization of the Occitan Cathar Churches

4 min

Room 3-2 : A dualistic religion

A dualistic vision of the world and of the creation of the world

4 min

Room 3-3 : Cathar rituals

What are the Cathar rites replacing the catholic sacraments?

3 min

Room 3-4 : The crusade against the Albigenses

A royal crusade against the Occitan Lords...

3 min

Room 4-1 : The court of the Inquisition

Creation of the Special court of the Inquisition in 1233

2 min

Room 4-2 : Les peines et pénitences

Punishments: from the prison to the the stake, a gradation in the condemnations...

3 min

Room 4-3 : The home of good believers

The home of good believers

32 s


Guided tour of the Museum to understand the Cathar religion in medieval Occitania.

Itinerary 1:03

Offline map included

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