Clamecy, France

Clamecy by the waterside

Clamecy by the waterside

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14 tour stops


Claude Tillier, pamphleteer and novelist.

Discover Claude Tillier's works.

1 min

From the upper town to the lower town

Discover the ancient medieval walls of Clamecy

11 s

The old "canal du Nivernais"

Discover the " old canal du Nivernais "

48 s

The story of the canal and the logs floating.

Discover the story of the canal and the logs floating.

2 min

The meeting between the Yonne and the canal

Discover "le pertuis" of Clamecy and the story of Jean Rouvet

50 s

The Bethléem district

Discover the Bethléem district

4 min

The Saint Nicolas fellowship

Discover the Saint Nicolas fellowship

1 min

Le Quai des Îles

Discover " Le Quai des îles "

24 s

The old Royal Military School

Discover the old Royal Military School.

15 s

The Beuvron dam

Discover the Beuvron dam.

21 s

The Parc Vauvert

Discover the parc Vauvert.

2 min

Le Beuvron

Le beuvron

1 min

The Abreuvoir bridge

The Abreuvoir bridge

22 s

The "Promenades" above the canal du Nivernais

The "Promenades" above the canal du Nivernais

2 min


Clamecy at the gateway to the Morvan is built on a spur of rock where two rivers meet, the Yonne and the Beuvron.
This tour will take you to the Bethléem and Beuvron districts to discover a different facet of Clamecy, the wonderful heritage of its rivers, old mills and park.

You are in the upper town, the old town which is a protected sector.

Itinerary 2.1 km / 2:02

Offline map included

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