Florence, Italy

Florence in my heart

Florence in my heart

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12 tour stops


Piazza Santa Maria Novella

There is the church and on the opposite side, the Loggia.

10 min

Piazza del Duomo

The Cathedral, the Gioto Tower, and the Baptistery

14 min

Piazza del Mercato Nuovo

There is the Loggia with a market, and the statue of a boar

7 min

Piazza della Signoria

There is the municipity hall, and the statue of Neptune

14 min

Via dei Georgofili

This is the place of a mafia massacre

2 min

Ponte Vecchio

The most famous Old Bridge in Florence

12 min

Palazzo Pitti

Pitti Palace and its wonderful garden, Boboli

9 min

Forte Belvedere

The beginning of Via di San Leonardo

4 min

San Miniato al Monte

The cathedral of San Miniato

10 min

Piazzale Michelangelo

A beatifulview of florence; a copy of the David statue by Michelangelo

10 min

Ponte alle Grazie

A bridge crossing the river Arno

6 min

Piazza Santa Croce

The church, and the statue of Dante Alighieri

17 min


Either you are travellers, explorers of the unknown in the world and in the life, or rather tourists looking for souvenirs,
more or less concrete; or, as it more often happens, a mix of the two types: this audioguide shall drive your steps just where
your heart is directed to.
The brush-strokes will sketch a painting whose author shall be you, because, even if in a short time, they will tune in your
soul with your steps, along the streets of Florence. Therefore, without getting lost in excessive encyclopedic details,
so difficult to listen to, when you are in front of beauty, the itinerary and the words will make from a simple stroll
a real journey, and will bring you directly to the point; because it is told that the essential things in life are seen
not with the eyes, but with the heart..

Itinerary 6.6 km / 1:40

Offline map included

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