Dublin, Ireland

St Stephen's Green Park

St Stephen's Green Park

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10 tour stops


The Fusiliers Arch and O'Donovan Rossa

Why is there a monument about a South African war in the middle of Dublin City?

8 min

Robert Emmet and Arthur Guinness

What does the founding of the Green have to do with a pint of the black stuff?

7 min

The Pulhamite Rockwork and the Yeats Memorial

What secret are the rocks around the waterfall hiding?

7 min

The Ardilaun Lodge and James Joyce

Did James Joyce meet Leopold Bloom in Stephen's Green?

6 min

The Leaning Tree, the Four Walks, and Tagore

French, Monk's, Beaux, Leeson: what's the story behind the street names around us?

7 min

The Three Fates and Na Fianna Eireann

Have you heard of Operation Shamrock, which took place just after World War 2?

7 min

The Famine Memorial and the Wolfe Tone Memorial

This stop includes the story of the most controversial dog in 1960s Dublin.

6 min

Tom Kettle, the Haslams, and Countess Markievicz

What was Thomas Kettle fighting for?

10 min

Mangan, the Magdalens, and Two Irish Feminists

Did you know where your weekend came from?

12 min

William Sheppard, George II, and Lord Eglinton

Two enormous statues used to dominate the Green, but where are they now?

8 min


This is the ultimate guide to St Stephen's Green Park; its history, its sculpture, and its Victorian landscape.

'The Green' has been at the centre of Dublin life for hundreds of years. It was occupied by rebels led by Countess Markievicz during the Easter Rising. It was where a young James Joyce met the man who would inspire Ulysses. It was where suffragettes met in 1918 before voting for the very first time in a General Election.

Narrated by Jack Murphy, who first walked through the Fusiliers Arch over seventy years ago, this unmissable audio tour takes you on a journey through the last three centuries of Dublin's cultural history.


Itinerary 1.4 km / 1:20

Offline map included

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