Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Super Tourist

Copenhagen - Super Tourist

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10 tour stops


Stop 1 - Tivoli


4 min

Stop 2 - The Town Square

The town square

4 min

Stop 3 - Nytorv and Gammeltorv

Nytorv (New Square) and Gammeltorv (Old Square)

6 min

Stop 4 - Christiansborg

Christiansborg - the Danish Parliament

5 min

Stop 5: Slotshaven and "the Black Diamond"

Slotshaven and "the Black Diamond"

3 min

Stop 6 - The Stock Exchange and Holmens Church

The Stock Exchange and Holmens Church

3 min

Stop 7 - Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn

Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn

5 min

Stop 8 - Amalienborg - the Royal Castle

Amalienborg - the Royal Castle

6 min

Stop 9 - Kastellet - the Citadel

Kastellet - the Citadel

5 min

Stop 10 - The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

4 min


The Super Tourist takes you to all the great sights of Copenhagen and tells the history of the city. The tour will take you from the famous amousement park Tivoli, over the Town Square through the inner city and the past the Danish Parliement to the old harbour. It continues on to the Royal castle, past the Citadel and on the Little Mermaid.

Stop 1: Tivoli
Stop 2: The Town Square
Stop 3: Nytorv (New Square) and Gammeltorv (Old Square)
Stop 4: Christiansborg - the Danish Parliament
Stop 5: Slotshaven and "the Black Diamond"
Stop 6: The Stock Exchange and Holmens Church
Stop 7: Kongens Nytorv and Nyhavn
Stop 8: Amalienborg - the Royal Castle
Stop 9: Kastellet - the Citadel
Stop 10: The Little Mermaid

The tour is written by Pernille Grouleff Poulsen and spoken by Jodi Ginever.

The tour consists of 10 individual stops. A tour route is suggested, however the tour can be walked from back to front or in any other order that you prefer.

Itinerary 5.1 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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