Toronto, Canada

Cabbagetown Writers and Artists

Cabbagetown Writers and Artists

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11 tour stops


Arthur Goss (1881-1940)

For 37 years, Arthur Goss was the Official Photographer for the City of Toronto.


Fredelle Bruser Maynard (1922-1989)

Fredelle Maynard was a writer, child care specialist, and TV host.


Sarah Anne Curzon (1833-1898)

A pioneer for women’s rights who made Laura Secord a household name.


David Blackmore (1924-2011)

Retired executive who devoted the rest of his life to his passion: naval history.


Jack Nichols (1921-2009)

Canada’s pre-eminent World War II artist.


Al Purdy (1918-2000)

Some call him "the most Canadian poet".


Walter Seymour Allward (1876-1955)

Renowned Canadian sculptor whose masterpiece is the Canadian National Vimy Memorial.


Betty Oliphant (1918-2004)

World-renowned innovator of ballet education.


Elizabeth Simcoe (1762-1850)

Upper Canada's first First Lady: a fine artist and diarist

1 min

Bill Stapleton (1916-2008)

Artist, activist, teacher.


Sir Ernest MacMillan (1893-1973)

Renowned musician, composer, conductor, and organist.

5 min


When we think about Toronto’s “Bohemia”, Yorkville in the 1960s or Queen West often come to mind.  But Cabbagetown is not only a neighbourhood mainly made of victorian homes, big and small.  It has over time been a magnet for artists, musicians, and writers.  The Cabbagetown People Project (associated with the Cabbagetown Preservation Association) documented the lives of this area’s remarkable former residents. Plaques have been affixed to the homes where these people once lived. Join us for a walking tour that will take you through the streets of Cabbagetown. This self-directed tour will stop in front of homes where significant writers, artists, and musicians once lived. Many left an important imprint on their field: Governor General Award, Order of Canada, Lifetime Achievement Award, Toronto Arts Awards for Literature, Arts Medal, etc. The stories of these remarkable Canadians will be told.

Itinerary 1.5 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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