Sutton, Canada

On the trail of the pioneers: tales of Sutton

On the trail of the pioneers: tales of Sutton

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18 tour stops


Commemorative Park

Meet John Graham, Baptist preacher, your virtual guide on this circuit.

3 min

Commemorative Park

Sutton has at least 16 cemeteries... a sign of its religous diversity!

3 min

The Fairmount, Grace and Legion Cemeteries

Immerse yourself in the Sutton of the First World War

2 min

Grace Cemetery

The war as experienced by local families

1 min

Grace Cemetery

The story of Royce Coleman Dyer is a testimony to the bravery and humanity of man.

9 min

The Royal Canadian Legion Cemetery

Post-war Canada

1 min

Fairmount Cemetery

The tale of Brigadier-General Dennis Draper, a leader for difficult times

10 min

Fairmount Cemetery

Last words on the Great War

1 min

Westover Mill

Go back in to to life in a hamlet at the start of the 19th Century

1 min

Westover Mill : Westover House

Learn about the Westovers, a pioneer family

3 min

Westover Mill : Westover House

The tale of Stephen Westover : surveyor of lands, builder of mills

7 min

Westover Mill : Pettes-Aseltine Cemetery

A forgotten place of memories

3 min

Sutton Junction : St Aidan's Anglican Church

A bustling hamlet is born around the train station

5 min

Sutton Junction : Former Railway Station

Imagine the station here and its workshops

2 min

Sutton Junction: Former Railway Station

A detective story from the time of prohibition

7 min

Sutton Junction: Former Railway Station

Living in the time of prohibition

50 s

Sutton Junction: the Community Hall

An essential and vibrant meeting place for the community since 1892

2 min

Sutton Junction

The Sutton of today

3 min


An entertaining and informative driving tour on country roads. Admire the beauty of the Eastern Townships that first charmed the early settlers. Listen to tales from story tellers that will stimulate your imagination and bring to life fascinating characters from the past. See the churches, cemeteries, historic homes and ancient hamlets that make up Sutton's cultural heritage.

Sounds and music created especially for this circuit will immerse you in 200 years of history. Can you hear the cries of the colonists' children on their long crossing over the mountains? The beating of drums on the battlefields of the First World War? The sound of horses hooves? And here comes the preacher who will be your guide on this journey of exploration.

Principal topics of this fascinating heritage circuit: the religious diversity of the village and the impact of the First World War on its inhabitants. Storytelling and narrative plus illustrated information panels to explain the architecture of the time

Itinerary 6.9 km / 2:30

Offline map included

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