Sutton, Canada

Life in the hamlets: tales of Sutton

Life in the hamlets: tales of Sutton

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23 tour stops


St. André Catholic Church

Meet the businessman George C. Dyer, your virtual guide on this circuit

4 min

Sisters of the Presentation of Mary Convent

The very special mission of a future saint

3 min

Georges-André Godue House

Farm workers, tradesmen, shopkeepers…and entrepreneurs!

1 min

Georges-André Godue House

On the road to America's textile mills

59 s

Old St. André Cemetery

Sutton, a bilingual community

38 s

Draper Hill

Do you know what a hamlet is?

1 min

Draper Hill: the Draper House

The copper rush

1 min

Draper Hill: the Drapers and the school

Lighting the fire in the morning in the icy school house

2 min

North Sutton: the Solomon Sweet House

A business at the heart of a hamlet

3 min

North Sutton: towards the cemetery

Solomon Sweet’s lucky star

7 min

North Sutton… alias Breeze Hill

Sweet, from father to son

2 min

On the way to Mudgett Road

Benoni Mudgett: a pioneer before the start of colonization

3 min

West Sutton

Ploughing in order to survive

28 s

West Sutton : the McClarty House

Ash to cash: the tale

6 min

West Sutton

How to free the people of Sutton from their isolation?

59 s

While on the way to Alderbrooke Road

The political tactics of Mayor Frary – the train arrives!

7 min

Olmstead Farm

The dramatic beginnings of the new town of Sutton.

2 min

Sutton Flat: Commemorative Park

At the heart of the disaster

2 min

Commemorative Park

The great fire: a tale of woe

9 min

Commemorative Park

Sutton rises from the ashes

2 min

Dyer’s Harness Shop

Discover buildings that were spared by the great fire of 1898

59 s

Boright & Safford General Store

Discover buildings that were spared by the great fire of 1898

1 min

Sutton Flat… alias the Town of Sutton

Sutton transformed

3 min


An entertaining and informative driving tour on country roads. Admire the beauty of the Eastern Townships that first charmed the early settlers. Listen to tales from storytellers that will stimulate your imagination and bring to life fascinating characters from the past. See the churches, cemeteries, historic homes and ancient hamlets that make up Sutton's cultural heritage.

Sounds and music created especially for this circuit will immerse you in the 19th century. Do you hear the sound of shovels on the stony ground of the Sutton mountains? Share the harsh life of the township pioneers and the first French-Canadians as well as their hopes and deeds as they tame this enormous territory. Clearing the land all the way to urban and industrial development, not forgetting the business of copper. Follow in the steps of George C. Dyer, businessman: your guide on this journey through history.
Storytelling and narrative plus illustrated information panels to explain the architecture of the time

Itinerary 19 km / 2:45

Offline map included

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