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Velázquez Exhibition

The Grand Palais in Paris selects GuidiGO to offer Visitors the First-Ever in-gallery Tour Using Google Glass.

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Image recognition

Once in front of a piece of artwork, just tap on your touchpad and scan it. It’s like magic!

Human player

An unforgettable hands free multimedia experience.

Visual cues

Immediately understand what to focus on while the audio is playing and discover details that others can’t see.

Content in sync

As you progress with your tour, enjoy a synchronized audio and visual experience along with contextual video.


To ensure a nonintrusive experience, the player disappears and reappears automatically.

Deep dive

If you want to explore specific details, just zoom in and naturally move your head around for an amazing panoramic view.

Indoor & outdoor maps

Find your way effortlessly with the built-in map that includes both indoor and outdoor positioning.

With GuidiGO Studio Power your content on Glass

Prototype, test, and publish your content with the most advanced online solution to create immersive guided tours for Glass that work offline. Try it, it’s free!

Glass Explorers, Take it for a test drive

We’ve selected 4 tours for you. Just scan the QR code with GuidiGO for Glass and you’re good to go!

https://guidigo.blob.core.windows.net/studio-tour-publish/thumb1370a3e2-635c-4f86-bff0-dfffd61e5891cover-428px.jpg?sv=2015-12-11&sr=c&sig=nA%2Bmca0o7qKguM3vZhs8c8mpyVfUGQ0F9zJIjEg%2FRHk%3D&se=2024-03-03T03%3A14%3A35Z&sp=r Hagia Sophia Guided Tour by cultrex An accurate and entertaining guided tour of Istanbul’s magnificent Hagia Sophia. Content Features: ● Covers Hagia Sophia’s 1500 years of history focusing on art, history, and architecture, during bo...

Istanbul, Turkey

https://guidigo.blob.core.windows.net/studio-tour-publish/thumb76e11dad-2560-4369-b55c-b022d0971638cover-428px.jpeg?sv=2015-12-11&sr=c&sig=nA%2Bmca0o7qKguM3vZhs8c8mpyVfUGQ0F9zJIjEg%2FRHk%3D&se=2024-03-03T03%3A14%3A35Z&sp=r Golden Gate Park and The Presidio The year was 1865 and the city of San Francisco, tired of being considered a backwater town, was eager to take its place among America's preeminent cities. As was the style of the day, they chose to d...

San Francisco, United States

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