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I became a proud member of man's second oldest profession in 1971 and haven't worked a day since. It has been pure pleasure. As a result I have a lot of entertaining and unique stories to tell. And I do. Both here at GuidiGo and at my own site

Here at GuidiGo you can enjoy my unique and personal San Diego City Tour gleaned from over 20 years of guiding in America's Finest City. I'm sharing insight and stories you will find no where else. Unforgettable anecdotes about an unforgettable City.

At you'll find everything I have written about my extensive and sometimes magical travel experiences beginning in 1951. My novella "King Porte" is based on shockingly true terrorist events that devastated the travel industry in San Diego after 9/11.

Before I was 8 years old I could say "I'm hungry when do we eat?", in American, Japanese, Italian and German because I had already lived in those countries. I had a Diplomatic Passport at 3. I owned my first tux at 10.



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