Simon Brooke PUBLISHER

Award Winning Travel Writer

Simon Brooke is an award winning journalist and travel writer who has written for The Sunday Times, Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and The Times amongst others. He is the author of two novels. He is also an obsessive traveller having visited and documented over 220 locations worldwide.

"I'm always keen to get to know the culture of the city - that means its history, geography and it's people," he says. "I want to know what has happened to it over the last few hundreds or even thousands of years but also what's happening to it now."

As a result, he created MP3cityguides tours aim to do more than just tell visitors about a city, they hope to get visitors thinking about the city.

"We want people to reflect on the tour they done with us over dinner or a glass of wine that evening and then say to their partner or friend something like 'I had no idea that...' or 'Isn't it amazing that...,'" says Brooke. "We want to a city tour something you'll remember for ever."



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