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I'm bachelor of Tourism Guiding. I have learnt all old cultures lived in Anatolia during the ancient times and nowadays. But its not easy to say knowing all destinations very well for me. I'am specialist of Cappadocia, Aegean and Asia Minor cultural destinations. I have started my job about 6 years ago. But i constantly read books about cultures, religions, histories and destinations. I’m trying to learn everything about human character. I have seen too many city from my country. I have came across with all cultures and traditions. I'm of course not connoisseur of human nature but i know characters entire of my country. I also like reading novels. Fathers and Sons is the most excellent and fascinating book for me. It’s a great novel about father and son relationship.It changed to many things about me and my perspective. I used to play volleyball for 3 years. I like running and swimming as well. I like horseback riding. I do exercise almost everyday. I’m not smoker and alcohol drinker.



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