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Talk of the town™ started in 2005 because we wanted to offer visitors a new way to experience Stockholm and learn more about our hometown. It started as a call service for mobile phones.

We have since then produced several audio guides for Stockholm.
The premium guides have been written by Harald Norbelie, Lars Hagermark and Hjalmar Olsson who also directed them. All have first hand knowledge from living in Stockholm. All facts have been verified by the Stockholm City Museum.

The Skansen guide has been written by Lars Hagermark together with Skansen.
All guides is spiced with historical facts and anecdotes. The recordings have been done by proffessional narrators in theirs first language.

Walk or take a bike ride in Stockholm and just stop and listen at the sights of your choice or why not take a longer tour to Drottningholm Royal domain or inside Skansen, the worlds oldest open-air museum.
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