Car Free Vancouver ASSOCIATION

Car Free Festival - September 2021

Car Free Vancouver Society has been hosting Car Free Day Festivals along Commercial Drive, Main Street, and the West End since 2008. By blocking off major thoroughfares for a day, Car Free Day Festivals remind people what cities could be like with more space for pedestrians, and bikes - not cars.

In 2020 when we saw the outbreak of the pandemic, it drastically changed the ways in which we interacted in public. We had to consider new ways to celebrate our ideas and continue to nurture and grow our car free culture. Instead of our usual lively street festivals, Car Free Vancouver has come up with a whole series of smaller scale events. These events allow for social distancing and still get us all out loving our city in a fun, car free way!

This audio tour is one of those events, and is a collaboration between the Vancouver Car Free Day Festivals and the people in our neighborhoods.
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