Providence, United States

The WaterFire Gaspee Project

The WaterFire Gaspee Project

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11 tour stops


The Great Salt Cove

The Waterplace Park Basin is located in the footprint of the Great Salt Cove


Saint John's Lodge Number 1 (Market House)

Many of the activists in the Gaspee affair were members of this Masonic Lodge.


First Baptist Church

The oldest Baptist church congregation in the United States, it was founded in 1638.


Governor Stephen Hopkins House

Governor Stephen Hopkins (1707 - 1785) was a key figure in the Gaspee affair


John Brown House Museum

John Brown built his magnificent mansion between 1786 and 1788.


The Old Sabin's Tavern

The original location of Sabin's Tavern in 1772


John Brown's Old House

John Brown was the planner and leader of the attack on the Gaspee in 1772.


Joseph Brown House

Joseph Brown is John Brown's brother. His house still stands at 50 South Main Street.


Fenner's Wharf

Where the raiding party set out to attack the Gaspee in June 1772


The New Sabin's Tavern

Sabin’s Tavern – The Great Debate


WaterFire Store

Stop by the WaterFire Store on Canal Street for 20% off select merchandise!



Join WaterFire June 14th, 2014, 242 years after the burning of the HMS Gaspee, as we retell and relive the story of that historic night through a variety of artistic mediums, events, and experiences.

Itinerary 2.7 km / 30 min

Offline map included

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