London, United Kingdom

London | Brixton with Novelist Alex Wheatle

London | Brixton with Novelist Alex Wheatle

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SW9 Café to Brixton Road

This part of London is known for the riots that erupted here in the early 1980s.

4 min

Brixton Road

Mostly Caribbean in the 1970s, the area has since become a multicultural center.

2 min

Brixton Road across Ferndale Road

The nearby building with a turret, Bon Marché, was the UK’s first department store.

3 min

Brixton Academy & the Police Station

This junction offers a view of the Brixton Academy, one of London’s best live venues.

3 min

Brixton Station Road

With a little bit of everything, this market is central to the community.

2 min

Pope’s Road to Electric Avenue

The market stalls along Pope’s Road feature fashionable clothes and electronics.

2 min

Electric Avenue

This street was the inspiration for the hit song, Electric Avenue, by Eddy Grant.

2 min

Electric Lane & Continuing along Electric Avenue

In April 1999, this section of Electric Avenue was the site of a bombing.

2 min

Reliance Arcade

This alley features shops on either side and a juice bar in the corner.

1 min

Market Row

This shopping street features great food markets and coffee shops.

2 min

Blacker Dread

This legendary record shop is a local institution.

3 min

Coldharbour Lane across Atlantic Road

The courtyard along Coldharbour Lane was once home to a famous record shack.

2 min

Somerleyton Estate

Called the ugliest building in Europe, the estate was made with its back to the road.

2 min

The Dogstar

Once called the Atlantic, this was one of the area’s main black pubs.

1 min

The Frontline

This area of Brixton was once packed with MCs, DJs, gangsters, pimps, and more.

3 min

Railton Road

This area was the center of the 1981 Brixton riot.

7 min

Kellett Road

After the riot, Brixton was in shambles - but the riot has led to positive change.

4 min

Effra Road

This road is named for the River Effra, which is now underground & basically a sewer.

2 min

Windrush Square

This square represents an important part of Brixton’s Caribbean heritage.

3 min

Brixton Library

The garden and library here were founded by Sir Henry Tate, a sugar merchant.

3 min


The bustling streets of Brixton are full of music, art, markets, poets, radicals and preachers.

Alex Wheatle, the Brixton Bard, takes you on a personal journey around the area he first discovered in the 1970s when it was vibrating with reggae baselines and the smog of uprising was in the air. Follow him through Brixton's legendary market and round its diverse and vibrant streets.

The tour features exclusive interviews, original compositions and atmospheric sound effects.


Alex Wheatle is an awarding-winning novelist. His published works include Brixton Rock (1999), Island Songs (2005) and Brenton Brown (2011).

Itinerary 2.0 km / 1:00

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