Glasgow, United Kingdom

Strathbungo: 'the gem' of Glasgow's Southside

Strathbungo: 'the gem' of Glasgow's Southside

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7 tour stops


Corner of Moray Place and Nithsdale Road

Introduction to Strathbungo and buildings connected to Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson.

5 min

Alexander 'Greek' Thomson's famous Moray Place

This, one of Thomson's masterpieces: "the finest of all nineteenth-century terraces."

3 min

The railway and Regent Park Square

The old Strathbungo railway station and bridge and a walk down Regent Park Square

5 min

Queen's Park and Queen Square

The churches and attractions of Queen’s Park and Queen Square

4 min

11-25 Moray Place - Thomson's influence

The continuing classical influence of Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson on Moray Place.

3 min

Corner of Moray Place and Marywood Square

Later Victorian developments changing from the classical to the picturesque

3 min

The Gardens

Strathbungo's street plan was completed by three 'Gardens', very different in style

4 min


Strathbungo has been a Conservation Area for nearly 50 years. Its planned grid of elegant townhouses, including Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson’s famous 1-10 Moray Place, was once the home of Glasgow architects - Thomson himself, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and H.E. Clifford - and small businessmen and clergy. Now it is the fashionable centre of a thriving creative community. Local resident Andrew Greg takes you on a tour of these narrow leafy streets. He will describe the history of the original village, once on the edge of Victorian Glasgow’s burgeoning growth. You will meander through the formal plan, and discover the subtle changes in architectural design from the 1860s to the 1930s and the hidden clues to now lost features of the streetscape.

Itinerary 1.4 km / 1:00

Offline map included

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