Dublin, Ireland

Paradise Lost: Lord Charlemont's Garden at Marino

Paradise Lost: Lord Charlemont's Garden at Marino

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Introduction and welcome

Welcome to the Casino at Marino. Meet your guide, for an outline of our tour.

4 min

The Casino on the hill

Casino means 'little house', yet this casino is deceptively big.

4 min

Venus: what happened to the apple?

A small yet puzzling change to the design for the statue of Venus.

2 min

Secret tunnels and rebel stories

Did this tunnel go 500 metres to Marino House? Did the rebels use it from 1912-22?

4 min

The sad tale of 'Poor Nep'

Did Byron write this poetic memorial for a family pet called Neptune?

3 min

Peacocks strut and sheep cut the grass

A parkland paradise, with "plenty of peacocks and several kinds of foreign sheep"

3 min

Lex Hortorum – 'the Law of the Garden'

Charlemont let people visit his garden . . . provided they had a carriage!

4 min

Plenty of pineapples

These walls once protected Charlemont's large kitchen and formal garden.

5 min

Charlemont: the man and the name

The story behind the Caulfeild and Charlemont names


Mythical dragons

These great 'Dragon Gates' were the original main entrance to Charlemont's demesne.


Venerable oak trees

The last surviving remnants of Charlemont's wonderful wooded demesne.


The unusual Gothic Room and Hermitage

The ornamental Gothic room and the rustic wooden hermitage once stood by this wall.


A new era at Marino

After the estate was sold, the Catholic church built an orphanage and college here.


Ireland’s first garden suburb

Dublin's new garden suburb was built, appropriately, on the old Marino garden demesne


Milestones in history

You used to have to pay to travel the Malahide Road! For years it was a toll road.


Charlemont's Marino House

The house used to stand on this site. Sadly, nothing is left of it now.


Marino Crescent, known locally as 'Spite Crescent'

Built in 1792, this elegant crescent deliberately blocked Charlemont's view.


Original site of the main 'Dragon Gates'

The Dragon Gates stood here into the 1900s, beside St Joseph's school.



In this tour we'll trace the garden paradise that James Caulfeild, 1st Earl of Charlemont, created at Marino, starting in the 1750s. We'll take you to secret places, and follow in Charlemont’s footsteps. You'll get to see his secret tunnel and the walls of his great garden, discover where the ornate Gothic room stood, and where the rustic hermitage was hidden, and find the mythical dragons on his original gates.

You can also explore the elegant neoclassical Casino temple – which is all that survives of his garden paradise. And there's a free Treasure Hunt trail for children you can download from the Paradise Lost exhibition website.

Itinerary 2:00

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