Meath, Ireland

The Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara

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12 tour stops


The Hill of Tara, Introduction

This track will introduce you to this incredible archaeological landscape

2 min

Tech Midchúarta - The Banqueting Hall

Discover the duality of Tara where myth & legend do battle with history & archaeology

4 min

St. Patrick

The story of St. Patrick and Tara

4 min

The Churchyard

The church yard surrounding you is quite a relatively late addition to the hill.

3 min

Rath of the Synods

One of the most mysterious of the monuments on Tara

3 min

Rath na Rí - The Fort of the Kings

A vast Iron age hillfort that surrounded the summit & protected the sacred interior.

3 min

Dúma n-Giall - The Mound of the Hostages

The oldest monument on the Hill of Tara, Mound of the Hostages is a 5000 yr old tomb

7 min

The Forradh - The Royal Seat

The central mound at Tara

7 min

Teach Cormac - The House of Cormac

According to legend, this was the ‘palace’ of Cormac Mac Airt, powerful King of Tara

2 min

Clóenfherta - The Sloping Trenches

Legendary site of the house of Lugiad Mac con

2 min

Rath Gráinne

Rath Gráinne is associated with one of the most famous love stories in Irish history



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1 min


The ancient inauguration site of the High Kings of Ireland, The Hill of Tara remains a highly evocative place full of myth, legend and history. This audio guide aims to shine some light on the daily life and ceremony at Tara during the shadowy Prehistoric period. Including the history, archaeology, legends and stories it is a fascinating account of one of Irelands principal sites.

Itinerary 43 min

Offline map included

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