North Down, United Kingdom

Bangor Christian Heritage Trail

Bangor Christian Heritage Trail

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10 tour stops


North Down Museum

Discover the story of Bangor at the North Down Museum

4 min

Malachy's Wall

St. Malachy was one of the key figures in the story of Irish Christianity.

3 min

Bangor Abbey

Saint Comgall founded a monastery on this site in 558.

11 min

St. Comgall's Church

This Catholic Church was consecrated in 1891, today it is a serene and peaceful place

4 min

Strickland's Glen

Follow Bryan’s Burn, the burbling and sparkling stream, through Strickland’s Glen

1 min

Smelt Mill Bay

It was from along this coastline that Columbanus and his companions set sail in c.589

8 min

The Coastal Path

Walking along the coastal path, you can discover the story of how Bangor developed

3 min

Bangor First Presbyterian Church

This elegant church is a fine example of a traditional Presbyterian meeting house.

7 min

Bangor Castle Walled Garden

The land on which the Garden stands belonged to the vast estate of Bangor Abbey

2 min

Conclusion – and other sites to explore nearby

The story of early Irish Christianity continues across the area of North Down & Ards

7 min


Follow in the Footsteps of Bangor's Ancient Saints

Early Irish saints had an enormous and lasting impact on the development of Christianity across Europe, and none were as influential as the men who studied in this area.
Bangor was one of most important monasteries in Early Ireland. Under the rule of Comgall, saints such as Columbanus and Gall would be inspired to travel to the Continent to spread Christianity to lands torn by warfare and strife.
These men would go on to found some of Europe's most important and lasting Christian centres in France, Austria and Italy. Even today the names of these ancient Irish saints are held in reverence across the Continent.
Follow in their footsteps to discover the land that so influenced them to spread the Word of God. Our Bangor Christian Heritage Trail begins at the North Down Museum, where you can encounter artefacts and stories relating to Bangor's ancient saints.

Itinerary 6.5 km / 49 min

Offline map included

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