Sille Subaşı, Turkey

Sille Ancient City

Sille Ancient City

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3 tour stops


Aya Elenia Church

It was built by the mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine, Hele


Zaman (Time) Museum

museum are specially designed clocks belonging to the Ottoman and Republic periods,


Sille Dam Lake

You can rest here.



Sille is a special place that has an important place in Anatolian civilizations and where cultures live together. Sille is a settlement with a different lifestyle with its natural silhouette and historical traces that are integrated with this silhouette, its civil architecture and settlement texture, customs, traditions and vineyards. In 327 AD, Helena, mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine, stopped by Konya on her way to Jerusalem for pilgrimage, saw the carved temples of the early Christian times there, decided to build a temple in Sille and personally participated in the groundbreaking ceremony. The Aya-Elena Church has survived to the present day after being repaired for centuries. In addition, there are Turkish-Islamic works such as Taş Mosque, mosques, Hacı Ağa Bath, Subaşı Bath, fountains and bridges belonging to the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Itinerary 1.6 km / 5:59

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