Stockholm, Sweden

Skansen - the world’s first open-air museum

Skansen - the world’s first open-air museum

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8 tour stops


Introduction to Skansen

What to see, explore and experience at Skansen?

1 min

The town quarters

Meet historical interpreters showing different occupations in the workshops.

2 min

Skogaholm manor house

A typical manor house in Sweden at the end of the 18th century. Welcome inside.

3 min

Seglora church

In 1901 Seglora parish wanted to tear the church down. Fortunately, it was moved here

3 min

The Mora farmstead

The farmhouse, Mora Cottage, was the first building to be moved to Skansen in 1891.

3 min

Elk / Moose

The King of the forest in Sweden.

3 min


Today there are only 300 wild wolves left in Sweden.

3 min

Early history of Stockholm (sample premium guides)

How a barrier made from logs at the outlet of Lake Mälaren gave the city its name.

2 min


This audio guide has seven stops at Skansen, the worlds first open-air museum. Produced together with Skansen.

It includes a preview from the premium versions of the Talk of the town™ guides in Stockholm at 56 of the best sights in Stockholm. All in six languages.

Skansen living history!
Over the years about 150 historical buildings have been moved to Skansen from every part of Sweden. Most of them date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Visitors to the houses and farmsteads are met by historical interpreters in period costume. They often demonstrate domestic occupations.

Skansen the Zoo!
There are something like 60 different animal species in the Skansen Zoo, the main emphasis being on Scandinavian fauna and of Nordic wild animals.

Every guide point lasts about 3 minutes.

Early history of Stockholm (preview from the Talk of the town™ Stockholm premiun versions)

Itinerary 4.3 km / 2:00

Offline map included

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