Stockholm, Sweden

City Bikes Sightseeing in Stockholm 2 (2)

City Bikes Sightseeing in Stockholm 2 (2)

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34 tour stops


Early history of Stockholm

How a barrier made from logs at the outlet of Lake Mälaren gave the city its name.

2 min

Viewpoint Katarinahissen lift

Visit one of Stockholm’s best viewpoints and see where the man-of-war Vasa foundered.

3 min

The Stockholm City Museum

Here you can experience the history of Stockholm and its inhabitants.

28 s


From ancient Russian trading place to Sweden’s first moving light advertisement.

3 min

Viewpoint Ivar Lo´s park - Monteliusvägen

See the sun set behind the Town Hall.

3 min

Please pick up a bike at City Bikes Station # 21

Time for a bike ride! Pick up a bike at Mariatorget square

7 s

Statue of king Karl XVI Johan

How could a 29-year old marshal in Napoleon’s army become Sweden’s king?

2 min

Please park your bike at City Bikes station # 34

Time for a walk. Park your bike at the station at Skeppsbrokajen

7 s

Järntorget square

The square where iron was traded – Sweden’s greatest export good of all time.

2 min

The alley Mårten Trotzigs Gränd

Stockholm’s narrowest alley is named after a German merchant who met a violent death.

2 min

Baggensgatan 23

Listen to the story of Stockholm's most famous brothel!

2 min

Statue St. George & the dragon

The dragon is said to be a symbol of an enemy army, that threatened Stockholm in 1471

3 min

The statue of King Gustav III

What did the sculptor Sergel really think about his statue of the king?

3 min

Royal Coin Cabinet

Sweden’s national economy museum

51 s

The Royal Armoury entrance

See Gustav III's masquerade clothes with bullet holes!

53 s

The Obelisk

What does an Egyptian symbol have in common with a Swedish king and a Russian war?

3 min

Changing of the Guards

Guard has protected the royal palace in Stockholm since 1523.

42 s

Storkyrkan - Stockholm Cathedral - Sankt Nikolai

Someone wanted the church gone in the 16th century. Why?

3 min

Stortorget square

In Stockholm’s oldest square, both blood and water have flowed.

3 min

Nobel Museum

Learn about the Nobel Prize and its founder Alfred Nobel.

18 s

The Runestone

What does it say on the rune stone?

2 min

The German church

Listen to the story of how the church got the nick-name “The Devil’s Church”.

2 min

Postal museum

Sweden's only Postal museum is considered to be one of the finest in the world.

47 s

Please pick up a bike at City Bikes Station # 12

Time for a bike ride! Pick up a bike by Gamla Stan subway Station

7 s

Riddarhuset - The House of Nobility

The place where Marie-Antoinette’s lover was beaten to death by an angry mob.

3 min

The Riddarholmen island

Hear about Riddarholmen’s royal graves and palaces.

2 min

The Royal Palace

Here is where Sweden’s most recent coup d’état was carried out.

3 min

The Sunsinger statue

What is the statue, by the world-famous sculptor Carl Milles, looking at?

3 min

The Museum of Medieval Stockholm

The museum is built around some ancient remains on Helgeandsholmen.

27 s

The Parliament Building

Can you see the neat lawn? What do you think was there before?

2 min


The Museum of Mediterranean and near east antiquities

28 s

Birka – town of the Vikings

The viking town of Birka was founded in the late 8th century.


Please park your bike at City Bikes station # 42

Time for a walk. Park your bike at the across the street from City Hall entrance

7 s

Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm’s most famous building – the location of the Nobel Dinner and Ball!

3 min


Take a bike tour with your own guide!

Your own audio guide at 22 of the best sights in Stockholm. Choose from sights in Old town and at Riddarholmen and Södermalm islands.

When visiting Stockholm we recommend you to rent a bike from Stockholm City Bikes.The public bike-sharing system with 140 bike stations in Stockholm.

If you choose to stay at one of the city center hotels or hostels you can buy the Stockholm City Bikes 3 day card for only SEK 165. Ask for the 3 day card at the reception desk.

Before leaving your hotel download the Talk of the town™ "City Bikes Sightseeing audioguide" and then tour around Stockholm and make a stop and listen wherever you want.

Take a late morning, enjoy your breakfast and start your guided tour when it suits you.

The guide even tells you about nearby bike stations where you can pick up and park your bike.

You will also get short Quick Facts about interesting attractions that you pass nearby on your tour.

Itinerary 11 km / 3:46

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