Sligo, Ireland

Sligo Heritage Trail

Sligo Heritage Trail

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8 min

Quay Street and Sligo City Hall

Quay Street is positioned in one of the oldest quarters in Sligo.

5 min

The Yeats Memorial Building

William Butler Yeats remains one of the most important figures in Irish literature.

5 min

Stephen Street

Stephen Street is one of Sligo’s finest thoroughfares.

4 min

Bridge Street

The ‘New Bridge’ was built between 1673 and 1682.

2 min

Sligo Abbey

Sligo Abbey was founded in 1252 for the Dominican Order by Maurice Fitzgerald

9 min

Castle Street

Castle Street is one of Sligo’s oldest thoroughfares.

4 min

Sligo Courthouse and Old Market Street

The story of crime and punishment in Sligo

4 min

High Street and the Dominican Friary

High Street was named due to its elevation over the rest of the town

2 min

Market Street

By the 1650s, the bottom of Market Street was a well established gathering place

3 min

St. John's Church

St. John’s is one of Sligo’s finest architectural gems.

5 min

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

The magnificent Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was constructed in 1875.

5 min

Adelaide Street and the Western Wholesale Company

Adelaide Street is one of the more recent additions to Sligo’s Streetscape.

3 min

Wine Street and the Methodist Church

Wine Street takes its name from the wine vaults that stood at the corner

2 min


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2 min


Set in one of the most picturesque landscapes in Ireland, Sligo grew around an important crossing point on the Garvogue River, on an ancient routeway between Connacht and Ulster. Over the centuries, as the fortunes of Sligo ebbed and flowed, the people, perhaps shaped by the sublime scenery that surrounded them, became known across Ireland for their unique music and culture.

Narrated by Sligo actor Ciarán McCauley, this guide will lead you around the wonderful heritage town of Sligo. The guide is packed with fascinating facts about Sligo’s history, archaeology and architecture; and it will introduce you to characters who helped to shape the story of Sligo throughout the centuries, from the hunter-gatherers deep in our prehistoric past, to tales of medieval warfare, through the industry and commerce of Sligo in the 19th century, to its development into a modern Irish city.

Itinerary 2.5 km / 1:03

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