South Tipperary, Ireland

Cahir Castle

Cahir Castle

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9 tour stops



The introduction will help to set the scene and immerse you in the medieval period

4 min

The Barbican

The entrance into the Castle was a formidable obstacle for any attacking army

5 min

The Outer Ward

The Outer Ward is part of a series of the defensive fortifications of the castle.

2 min

The Middle Ward

The Middle Ward - gong farmers, cannonballs and deadly home security

4 min

The Trapping Area

Home Security - Medieval Style

2 min

The Inner Ward

The Inner Ward housed the most important structures in the castle

2 min

The Great Hall

This was the public room of the castle, the scene of huge feasts and celebrations

4 min

The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse was the primary residence of the Lord and his family.

4 min


The later history of Cahir Castle and the story of Cromwell and the Castle

6 min


The former stronghold of the Butler family, Cahir Castle is one of Ireland’s largest and best preserved medieval castles. This castle evolved from an earthwork known as a motte and bailey to the mighty castle we see today and it has withstood many attacks and sieges. It remained an important residence right up to the 19th century and today it stands overlooking the River Suir and the market town of Cahir in South Tipperary. This audio guide will describe the history and architecture of this fine castle, placing the listener back in the turbulent medieval period.

Itinerary 34 min

Offline map included

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