Kinnegad, Ireland

The M6 – A Route Through Time

The M6 – A Route Through Time

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9 tour stops



Follow the path one of the most important routeways of ancient Ireland, An Sli Mhor.

2 min

From Hunter Gatherers to First Farmers

The Mesolithic and Neolithic periods

4 min

The First Metal Workers

The region during the Bronze Age and Iron Age

8 min

The Early Medieval Period Monks, Millers & Farmers

This track covers the region from AD400–1200

9 min

The Medieval Period, Normans and Gaels

The archaeology and history of the region in the medieval period

5 min

A Time of War – The Turbulent 17th Century

The area was ravaged by the Cromwellian and later Williamite Wars

11 min

Landords and Tenants, The Early Modern Period

The region in the 19th Century

5 min

Old Traditions in a Modern World

The twentieth century saw many changes to this area but some old traditions lingered

2 min


Summarises the long and varied history and archaeology of the region

54 s


Combining the latest archaeological information with historical sources this audioguide is an accessible but authoritative insight into the wonderful history of the region through which the M6 motorway between Kinnegad and Galway travels. The audio guide tells the story of this incredible landscape through the newly discovered archaeological sites and also shows the listener the wonderful heritage sites that are still accessible along the route, like the magnificent monastic site of Clonmacnoise, the medieval walled town of Athenry and the site of Ireland’s bloodiest battle at Aughrim.

The guide is extensively researched and presents the complex story of this landscape in a unique and accessible way, drawing not only on the archaeological reports from the scheme, but also the results of archaeological excavations by the National Museum of Ireland, and a wide variety of other academic research, publications and cartographic information.

Itinerary 254 km / 50 min

Offline map included

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