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Celbridge Heritage Trail

Celbridge Heritage Trail

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10 tour stops



Welcome to Celbridge, an ideal gateway to Ireland's Ancient East

4 min

Castletown House

Castletown House is the jewel in the crown of Celbridge.

9 min

St Wolstan’s Abbey

St Wolstans Abbey was founded in 1205 by Adam de Hereford.

4 min

Castletown Avenue

Castletown Avenue is a long and straight thoroughfare lined with lime trees.

5 min

Castletown Gates

The gates to Castletown are located at the top of the Main Street in Celbridge.

4 min

Main Street

Main Street and the 18th century development of Celbridge.

5 min

Celbridge Mill

Celbridge Mill and industrialisation in the town.

4 min

Tea Lane Church and Graveyard

Tea Lane Church and Graveyard

7 min

Celbridge Abbey

Celbridge Abbey and Jonathan Swift

6 min


Other sites of interest in the area

3 min


Straddling the River Liffey in County Kildare, and easily accessible from Dublin and the rest of Leinster, Celbridge is an ideal gateway to Ireland’s Ancient East. It is home to a host of interesting stories and historic buildings and has connections with an array of significant figures from the past, including William ‘Speaker’ Conolly, Jonathan Swift, Arthur Guinness and Henry Grattan.
From its early origins as an ancient monastery, Celbridge developed into a thriving town. The arrival of William Conolly, who was one of Ireland’s richest and most powerful men at the time, was a catalyst for development and growth. He and his descendants exerted a major influence on the development of Celbridge. Their most spectacular creation was the magnificent Castletown House. They also ensured that buildings on the village street were constructed to the highest standards, leaving Celbridge with an enduring architectural legacy that makes it such a rewarding place to visit today.

Itinerary 5.3 km / 1:00

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