Saint-Nicolas-d'Aliermont, France

Hide and seek animals - for children 6 to 8

Treasure Hunt

Hide and seek animals - for children 6 to 8

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7 tour stops

The guided tour starts here:

Looking for the birds - Clocks room

You've to find 3 different birds.

+6 tour stops

to be discovered along the game

This is an interactive game tour with hidden stops. To unlock the location of each stop you have to complete the challenges of the previous one.

The content of each stop is available after download. Check out the Sample.


Find the animal hidden in our collections !
This game invites you to open widely your eyes to discover the animals hidden in our collections, on our clocks. From the big bird to the tiny cow...
You 'll discover the animals on our grandfather clocks, on our mantel clocks, on our alarm clocks but also on our chimes or regulators.
Pay attention to the details of our clocks, some animals are really visible but some of them are almost invisible !
So, be curious and look for each animal you have to discover !
For this game, you can use the map if you're lost. The museum is on the ground floor, so don't take the stairs ! On the first floor, they are only our offices.
For each step of the game, you can use the pictures, you can make them scroll to help you.
Have fun !
If you succeed, a small gift is waiting for you at the entrance of the museum !

Itinerary 30 min

Offline map included

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