Nantes, France

The secrets of the port of Nantes by Navibus

The secrets of the port of Nantes by Navibus

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16 tour stops


Nantes and the "Antillais" ...

Nantes 1900 Quai Ernest Renaud


The Ghost of the Transborder Bridge ...

Nantes 1950 Quai Ernest Renaud


Be careful ship lauching !

Nantes 1974 Dubigeon shipyard


Mabon, the smugglers' island ...

Nantes 1888 Quai Marquis d'Aiguillon


And the "Pointe Madame" took off her mask ...

Nantes 1973 Quai Marquis d'Aiguillon


Towards the Pacific and Cape Horn ...

Nantes 1900 Quai Marquis d'Aiguillon


Cargo ships in the city...

Nantes 1982 Quai Marquis d'Aiguillon


The island of the Prairie aux Ducs ...

Nantes 1880 l'île de la Prairie aux Ducs


The metamorphosis of an island ...

Nantes 1901 l'ïle de la Prairie aux Ducs


From Nantes to the West Indies ...

Nantes 1910 Quai des Antilles


The "gray" crane of President Wilson ...

Nantes 2001 La Pointe des Antilles


Vessel turnaround !...

Nantes 1994 Trentemoult roads


Saint Louis quay, back to its future ...

Nantes 1880 Quai Saint Louis


The Chantenay Slip way...

Nantes 1902 sailing ship on the Slip way


Trentemoult the islands under the waters ...

Rezé 1900 Trentemoult landing stage


The washerwomen of the roads ...

Rezé 1900 July Trentemoult



I propose a journey through time in one of the landscapes of Nantes having evolved the most during the last century.
Let you guided between Nantes and the village of sailors of Trentemoult located in the town of Rezé.
The crossing of the river Loire by navibus with this unique photographic tour will allow you to discover the secrets that made the history of this part of the port of Nantes.
The tour does not follow a reading order, you can start the tour depending on the shore where you are.
Do not forget to bring a valid ticket for a safe trip aboard the navibus.

Itinerary 4.1 km / 20 min

Offline map included

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