Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh Comedy Tour: Vintage Fringe afoot

Edinburgh Comedy Tour: Vintage Fringe afoot

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15 tour stops


Welcome to the show

No spoilers

2 min

Meet the guides Jamie and Harry

A blind guide, leading a walking tour, how's that going to work?

3 min

Bro D and D Con

A quick and gory history of famous High Court cases

5 min

What's that ghastly Gothic monument?

Professor, watch out!

3 min

The Wizard of West Bow

Black magic?

1 min

The Grassmarket

Half Hangit Maggie

3 min

Deep in the Underbelly

Are you a spirit from the deep?

2 min

Greyfriars Bobby

Has anyone here seen Bobby?

2 min

Greyfriars Kirkyard

What are you doing down there Professor?

3 min

Is that wise, Professor?

The beating heart of Edinburgh's Comedy Festival

3 min

George Square Gardens

Who are you calling Old Dame!

2 min

The Pleasance

The smile on the face of the Fringe

1 min

Don't look up. Or down!

Vertigo anyone?

5 min

The Stand Comedy Club

"i'll be your eyes Professor"

2 min

Curtain Call

Thank you and credits

1 min


Rediscover the true Edinburgh Fringe spirit as lockdown begins to ease in 2021.

Hard to believe it's ten years since Walking Heads first published Edinburgh Comedy Tour. Our award winning virtual Fringe show led the audience on a carefree romp round famous venues.

Comedians Jamie MacDonald and Harry Gooch chased history through crowded streets. It was a tale told through headphones on a route mapped on your mobile phone. Sounds familiar?

Edinburgh's comedy landscape was changing, even before Covid, but Jamie and Harry showed some eerie foresight. There's the monster lurking beneath the Underbelly. And the almost tottering Henry Dundas monument – that towering column in St Andrew Square provides the surreal climax of our show.

No spoilers!

We hope you find hope for the future in their rebellious adventures. The show ends at The Stand Comedy Club, currently closed. This tour is free but you can help keep independent comedy alive by donating to www.thestand.co.uk/donate

Itinerary 3.7 km / 1:30

Offline map included

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