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ROM Quest: Stayin' Alive

Mystery Quest

ROM Quest: Stayin' Alive

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10 tour stops



How do you hide in an environment without trees?

26 s

Western Atlantic

How do cold-blooded sharks survive Canada's icy waters?

41 s

Temperate Rainforest

How do brown bears help maintain a temperate rainforest?

32 s

Great Lakes

How do snapping turtles prepare for winter?

32 s

Boreal Forest

How do plants get nutrients when there's none in the soil?

55 s


How do caribou protect themselves on the empty tundra?

29 s

Tropical Rainforest

Is it really that hard to find water in a rainforest? See how these frogs do it!

31 s


Look up! Can you spot this unusual tusked whale?

30 s

Coral Reef

Which coral reef fish makes a great dad?

28 s

Deep Sea

Which animals make their home in the deepest, darkest ocean?

37 s


The Earth is home to an estimated ten million species, a tiny fraction of which are on display here in the ROM’s Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.

Using this Play-All-Day tour, you’ll travel from the arctic to the tropics, with stops everywhere in between. You will investigate a variety of fascinating plants and animals and discover some surprising adaptations used by these organisms that allow them to survive in environments that can be dangerous and deadly!

Itinerary 4:00

Offline map included

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