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ROM Quest: Myths, Monsters & Magic!

Mystery Quest

ROM Quest: Myths, Monsters & Magic!

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9 tour stops


Chinese Dragon

This large ceramic dragon was once part of a roof decoration.

43 s

Carved Narwhal Tusk

This tusk shows one story of Nuliajuk

3 min

Three Persons Along Pole

Can you find the two people holding lizards and the person with a flying frog?

2 min


Labradorite shows off the colours of the aurora borealis

48 s

Giant Squid

Did the giant squid inspire stories of the kraken?

1 min


Was this little dinosaur the inspiration for the mighty griffin?

1 min

Egyptian Mummies

Egyptian mummies have earned a mythology all their own, but do you know the facts?

3 min


This statue of the Greek goddess of war and wisdom once stood in the Parthenon

2 min

Haunted Hall

Museums can inspire their own myths and legends -- learn about one of the ROM ghosts!

31 s


Get ready for adventure as you explore the Royal Ontario Museum in search of myths, monsters, and more! From the statues documenting classical myth, to the magic of powerful gods and goddesses, to the bones that may have inspired some of history's greatest monsters, there's something for everyone in this full-day family tour.

As you go through your mystery quest, you will collect objects to add to your inventory. Click on the trophy cup at the top of the map screen to access your inventory and take photos with the treasures you discover! Don't forget to share them with us:


Offline map included

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