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ROM Quest: Dinosaur Discoveries

Mystery Quest

ROM Quest: Dinosaur Discoveries

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11 tour stops


Prosaurolophus maximus

This is one of the best preserved Prosaurolophus in the world!

42 s

Futalognkosaurus dukei

Look up -- waaaay up -- and say hi to the biggest dinosaur in the ROM!

48 s

Gryposaurus incurvimanus

Say hello to the ROM's first dinosaur!

31 s

Lambeosaurus lambei

What’s different about this hadrosaur?

40 s

Parasaurolophus walkeri

Meet the ROM’s most famous dinosaur

35 s

Parksosaurus warreni

How did this dinosaur get its name?

35 s

Acrotholus audeti

Check out this new dino discovery!

26 s

Barosaurus lentus

How does a museum misplace a dinosaur?

37 s

Acheroraptor temertyorum

Check out another ROM discovery!

35 s

Arrhinoceratops brachyops

Meet another one of Dr. Parks’ discoveries!

24 s

Bonus stop: The New Dino, "Wendy"

Take a peek at a discovery so new, she's only just been given her name!

1 min


No trip to the Royal Ontario Museum is complete without a visit to the Dinosaur Gallery. But how did the ROM get these amazing fossils?

Using this Play-All-Day tour, you will investigate a century of ROM palaeontology. You’ll come face to face with our most iconic dinosaurs; learn about the scientists who excavated, named, and studied these creatures; and discover how skeletons buried for millions of years became admired by millions of visitors.

Answer challenges to collect puzzle pieces as you go. If you collect them all, you’ll get a picture of the ROM’s newest dinosaur, which is so new, she's only just been given a name!

Itinerary 4:00

Offline map included

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