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- Skellig Coast - Derrynane Seashore Nature Walk

- Skellig Coast - Derrynane Seashore Nature Walk

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20 tour stops


Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Derrynane. Meet your guide, who will present an outline of the tour.

3 min

Pre-Famine Potato Ridges

Pre Irish Famine (1845-47) potato growing fields

3 min

Butterfly and Moth Viewing (March to October)

Includes Butterflies of scrub and woodland

3 min

Butterfly and Moth Viewing (March to October)

Includes grassland butterflies and daytime flying moths

4 min

Freshwater Marsh

A freshwater marsh is evidenced by the flower species and animals that live here.

2 min

Wild Flower Viewing (April to September)

Plants as indicators of the phases of sand dune formation

3 min

Bird Sanctuary and Tidal Lagoon

Birds, mammals and invertebrates of the tidal estuary

2 min

Mobile Dunes System

How wind and wave action can erode coastal dunes.

3 min

Wild Flower Viewing (April to September)

In this area look out for Dog Violets, Sand Pansies and Pyramidal Orchids

1 min

Geological formation

Geological Formation of the Derrynane Area

1 min

Ship House and Channel

The ship house is one of the most unusual houses to be seen in the area.

1 min

Birds of the Sand Dunes

Listen to Sky Larks and watch out for Pippits and our local population of Chough

2 min

Lizard and Moth Viewing

Spotting Common Lizard and Burnet Moths

2 min

Seabirds, Whales, Dolphins and Sharks

Watch out for Seabirds, Whales, Dolphins and Basking Sharks

4 min

Interesting Things

A slimy story about birds using stones to extract sails from their shells.

1 min

All about Natterjack Toads

The secret lives of Derrynane's Natterjack Toad population.

3 min

Special Species - Slugs and Lillies

Derrynane's habitat supports three of Ireland's special and most endangered species.

3 min

Derrynane's Seashore Life

ID GUIDE Use the photos in this section to identify any animals or plant you find.

2 min

The Mass Rock

A place of worship in Penal times

1 min

Dawn Chorus at Altar Hill (Dún Braoin)

Listen to bird song and enjoy beautiful views of Derrynane to Skelligs and Bull Rocks

2 min


A secret world of wildlife discovery awaits

This premium discovery tour brings the wildlife sights and sounds of Derrynane's Special Conservation Area to life. Set within Derrynane's beautiful National Historic Park, this tour provides insights into everything that burrows, crawls, walks, jumps, swims, or flies.

With 20 marked stops, you will discover birds, flowers, butterflies and marine life. Photo i.d. guides, audio and video provide rare insights into this hidden world. Look, listen, watch and learn about Natterjack Toads. Go underwater to see the world's second largest fish - the Basking Shark - an annual visitor. Find out about Whales and Dolphins, unusual Butterflies. Learn about wonderful Wild Flowers. Discover pre-famine potato growing ridges. Listen to the Songbirds of the Sand Dunes.

Managed by the Office of Public Works, this walk was the first seashore nature trail to be developed in the Republic of Ireland. A visit to Daniel O'Connell's house is highly recommended.

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